Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art  

Mastering the art of Wellbeing

 Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art  

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Mastering the Art of Wellbeing

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Give and receive through the arts!
      I support Malala Fund for education to end fear,  
violence, poverty and oppression.

Adventure into a new world of aesthetics. Journey into time motion     
   and space, with light, color and form.

                           در دنیائی نوین اززیبائی ماجراجوئی کنید. درزمان، جنبش، و فضا،
                                                   با نور، رنگ وفرم سیاحت کنید.


"Sahara Storms"           38" x 60"          Customized Abstrat Art Masterwork            Iran Lawrence

Within the glow and the serene ebbs and flow of each piece, one place of solitude is
reserved for the most significant element in its environment: You!

              درون تابِش و آرامش جزر و مد هر قطعه، یک مکان خلوت برای تنها بودنِ
                              مهمترین عامل حیطه اش که شما باشید، حفظ شده است.


Award-winning Art
Abstract Modern Textile Art 
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     "Dear Lady" - 1986                   71" x 71"                                Iran Lawrence
 American Museum of Folk Art, NewYork 
                                            Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration

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Please note: Limited Edition Giclee Prints are offered on archival canvases as well as archival papers.  Abstract Art Prints, Abstract Fine Art Prints and Modern Abstract Prints can be all customized to suite your needs.   

     Creating art, abstract art, or abstract art paintings is not a series of technical expertise acquired to imitate life and nature, but rather a weaving of a cornucopia of physical, sensual, spiritual and intellectual skills and abilities to tap into the core essence of the spirit and imagination and become truly inspired by life and nature  to create art, especially abstract art. The driving force of this endeavor is the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and philosophical intention behind abstract art, particularly expressionist art - a carrier wave penetrating through a purified and refined spirit, expressing itself through the magic and the splendor of life and nature.

     I have written the following articles about art - particularly abstract art and abstract paintings - to create a greater philosophical understanding about art - again placing great emphasis on abstract art - as the highest form of communication and with the intention of conveying a body of simple truth and fascinating thoughts about life itself as the greatest canvas of art; but most significantly I am simply sharing my own personal evolution as an artist, as my journey has been a fascinating discovery of my own true self and the best friend I could ever have - Myself!   
     Whether you are an artist or an admirer of modern or contemporary abstract art and abstract paintings, the following articles have been written with you in mind; as any enlightenment shared and experienced with others sparks a new light in the direction of a better tomorrow.  Enjoy! 

                                                                                                                 - Iran Lawrence

                                       Articles by Iran Lawrence
                                          مقالاتی از ایران لارنس 
                     A body of fascinating thoughts about art, life and beyond
                 مجموعه ای از افکاری شگفت انگیز در مورد هنر، زندگی و ماورای برتر 
Abstract Art, Abstract Paintings: A panoramic Vista Cultivated With Mystery, Thrived  On Veracity.

Abstract Art Painting Studios: From Primitive Caves To Modern Lofts.

Mystery Vs. Veracity: A New Journey Into The Realm of Aesthetics.

The Joy of Creation.

Please note: Limited Edition Giclee Prints are offered on archival canvases as well as archival papers.  Abstract Art Prints, Abstract Fine Art Prints and Modern Abstract Prints can be all customized to suite your specific need.

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Abstract Art Paintings
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Award-winning Art

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